on Monday, October 11, 2010

This post specially dedicated to Nuffnang. I just found out that I've earned the CTR bonus-

CTR Bonus
To reward blogs for good campaign performance, Nuffnang will now be giving out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on their blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.

Thank you very much nuff2 for making my day.

For those who still doesn't know what is CTR, feel free to go surf Nuffnang website. For those who hasn't join this program/project, no hesitation please. You won't regret.

Ranking: 5

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- Cik Norazlina [@tau] Nora - said...

knp en.nuffnang saya tak menjadi?? (T_T) kecewa..

14 October, 2010 14:58 Reply To This Comment
haNem said...

saye pun.. tapi x per..ini semua sampingan :)

26 October, 2010 15:07 Reply To This Comment